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The Micah Prophecy – The Key to Revelation 12

Article By: Daniel Matson

But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, Though you are little among the thousands of Judah, Yet out of you shall come forth to Me The One to be Ruler in Israel, Whose goings forth are from old, From everlasting. Therefore He shall give them up, Until the time that she who is in labor has given birth; Then the remnant of His brethren shall return to the children of Israel. – MICAH 5:2-3


Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars. Then being with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth. – REVELATION 12:1-2


On September 23, 2017 a sign forms in the heavens that fits the requirements of Revelation 12. As far as can be determined from computer models, this is the only time this sign will occur in history. Therefore, this would literally be the Great Sign of Revelation that is to appear in heaven. The woman in heaven is Virgo – the Virgin. The sun is the sun “clothing Virgo” & the moon is actually under her feet. The garland of 12 stars are the 9 stars of Leo w/3 wandering stars that have been situated w/in Leo at this time to make 12. Those wandering stars are: Mercury, Mars & Venus. The last element of the sign is that the Virgin must be w/child. The planet or star of the Messiah is Jupiter. Jupiter at this time is in the womb of Virgo. Again, no replication of this sign has yet to be found.


The problem w/this sign is that all to often it is taken only as a symbol for what it represents & is not considered an actual sign placed in the heavens by God. The sign represents the birth of Messiah from the virgin of Israel, but it is to be taken as an actual sign to be seen & thereby understand the time at which a significant event occurs. The problem then is to determine where it occurs w/in the timeline of the end of days. That is, where does it occur in relation to the 70th Week of Daniel – the final period of 7 years before Messiah comes to rule the planet. The solution lies w/in Micah 5.


In Micah 5, the timeline of the Messiah is given. 1st he will be born in Bethlehem & he is to be known as the 1 who will be ruler in Israel. When Jesus came he presented himself as the Prince on Palm Sunday, but then he was later crucified that week on Passover. He did not become a world ruler from Jerusalem at that time. Micah then says that Messiah will give them up “until the time that she who is in labor has given birth.” 40 days after the resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven & 10 days later the Church began & continues to this day. According to Micah, Israel’s remnant will return to the children of Israel only after she has given birth.


The sign of Revelation 12 is the sign that marks this time. It marks the transition from the Church to Daniel’s 70th Week. This sign appears in the heavens just 2 days after the Feast of Trumpets & likely the Rapture of the Church in 2017. All the qualifiers are there from September 23-25, 2017 for this sign, which comes 1,260 days after the 1st tetrad of April 15, 2014. However, the woman must give birth & Jupiter remains in the womb a few more weeks when it will then emerge. On November 13, 2017, Jupiter emerges & is joined in conjunction w/Venus. This day also comes 444 days after their previous conjunction on August 27, 2016 that marks Jupiter’s entry into Virgo.


If November 13, 2017 marks the beginning of the significant spiritual return of Israel, then 6 days later marks what appears to be the beginning of the 70th Week of Daniel. This is done by counting 2,520 (7 x 360) days back from the Day of Atonement 2024. Now most prophecy students believe Israel signs the covenant w/the Antichrist to begin the 70th Week per their understanding of Daniel 9:27. This author instead believes that this is Israel’s Covenant w/God, which is strengthened by God himself showing the Israelis that all is back on track. During the transition from the Rapture to the beginning of the 2,520 days would be 60 days & it is believed w/in that time there is the fulfillment of Psalm 83 & Ezekiel 38-39. Only God rescues Israel from the war & Israel is said to recognize that fact.


W/the Rapture occurring on the Feast of Trumpets & this war coming from the north, it should be clear to many Jews what just occurred. W/an understanding of the Old Testament, it should be clear. Of course, that is why it is there. Paul speaks of the Gentiles provoking the Jews to jealousy. If there were a time to be jealous, to see a sizable segment of Gentiles (& some believing Jews) get taken in the Rapture to safety before the coming Day of the Lord would be it. It will mean that many Jews will get on track & believe. W/144,000 Jewish male witnesses found in the book of Revelation, it has been made clear that many in Israel will believe & preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. The 7 years begin at a time of Israeli spiritual renewal. This is why Jesus warns Israel of the Antichrist by identifying the time of the Abomination of Desolation, which occurs in the middle of the 70th Week. That is the true moment of identification & time the Antichrist will control the land of Israel.


One roadblock in understanding the sign of Revelation 12 is by not understanding the layout of the book of Revelation. Chapter 11 takes the reader to the end of the 7 years at the 7th trumpet when the earth fully becomes under Jesus Christ our Lord. Chapter 12 begins further detail on this coming time & starts back at the beginning. We therefore begin at this sign that represents Israel & the bringing forth of the Messiah. But the point is that this is a heavenly sign placed in heaven to show us when these things will begin. That is, the continuation of the salvation story through the nation of Israel.


Therefore, the sign of Micah 5 & Revelation 12 is an actual sign in the heavens that can be documented & it is yet future. It marks the time at which a true return of Israel will occur. It is not an accident that it comes right after the Feast of Trumpets – the time of the last Trump for the Church. This then means (along w/everything else documented here on this site) that time is short for the Church. Will believers pay attention & do what must be done & make sure that they are sharing the gospel? The doors to the Church are still open for those who might believe in our Savior Jesus Christ. Only by believing & putting our trust in Christ will we escape what is soon coming upon the world. It is becoming pretty apparent what is soon coming. If 1 does not believe until after the Rapture, God’s grace will be sufficient, but it will not be w/out many perilous trials.

Research from Mark Chiswell:


“I have completed an analysis of the 23 September 2017 Heavenly Sign. I checked 7,000 years & found no comparable event. I checked 6,200 years into the past & 1,200 years into the future which is equivalent to Man’s entire History.

I began the search by looking at every year from the birth of Christ to 78 AD. I then realized that I only had to check every 12 years in accordance w/Jupiter’s orbital period. I checked from 78 AD to 3215 AD after which I realized that Jupiter is only in the womb of Virgo for 294 days every 83 years. I then checked from the Birth of Christ to 4248 BC every 83 years checking 12 years either side just in case.

I have made an excel spread sheet of the findings which can be downloaded from here:

I have also done a 15 minute You-Tube video ……How rare is the Revelation 12 Heavenly Sign [23 September 2017] Once in 7000 Years.”


View full article at:

Great Sign of Revelation 12 on September 23, 2017: A Mid- to Post-Tribulation Rapture Perspective

Article By: Lisette Verri


On September 23, 2017, an astronomical event will take place in the sky that was foretold in the Bible nearly 2000 years ago. In the book of Revelation, chapter 12, the event known as The Great Sign will appear in the sky for the 1st time ever in human history. This astronomical formation has never occurred before, at least as far back as 6000 years to the time of Adam & will not occur again looking 1000 years into the future.


And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.


And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.


And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne. And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days. – Revelation 12:1-6

What does it mean?

The mysterious book of Revelation is the final book in the bible written around 95 AD by the last surviving Apostle: John. Although the writer is the Apostle John, the contents of the book are authored by Jesus w/John positioned as scribe. The book, a series of letters intended for the 7 churches in Asia at the time of the writing, is really a timeless message intended for all believers everywhere.


The purpose of the writing was to bring encouragement & correction to the seven churches and admonish them to “endure till the end.” The “end” was described in detail to John in the form of a great vision of coded symbols which explained what must take place before Christ’s return. The fulfillment of The Great Sign on September 23, 2017 is yet another prophetic marker on the messianic timeline.

God shows us what’s ahead using signs in the heavens. These astronomical events foretold in scripture are always a precursor to a prophetic event that appear along the messianic timeline to prepare us for what’s next.


And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years… – Genesis 1:14


The 1st word used here for “signs” is the Hebrew word “owth” which means:
– sign, signal
– a distinguishing mark
– banner
– remembrance
– miraculous sign
– omen
– warning


The 2nd word used here for “seasons” is not referring to Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall as we understand it today (& the pagans from ancient times). The word used here is the Hebrew word “mow’ed” which means:

– appointed place, appointed time,
– sacred season, set feast, appointed season
– appointed meeting
– appointed place
– appointed sign or signal
– tent of meeting


And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. – Luke 21:25-28


Scripture clearly delineates that astronomical signs will herald, warn, signal, mark or announce events that will take place on the earth that relate to the messianic timeline.

WARNING: This has nothing to do with Astrology

Astrology is the occult corruption of God’s astronomy which deceptively turns the focus off of God & puts it on “self.” Astrology doesn’t show you God w/its blasphemous definitions. It blinds you from the true meaning & purpose of these signs so you will not see from them what God intended.


What exactly does The Great Sign in Revelation 12 tell us?
Using astronomy programs like Stellarium, viewing the stars & planets can be easily achieved from Earth’s vantage at any time in the past or future. I wanted to see this phenomenon for myself so I downloaded the program Stellarium & put my own eyes on the event. Sure enough, the Great Sign of Revelation 12 will indeed take place on September 23, 2017. Not only will it take place on that date, but I could not see any evidence that it has taken place at any other time in history going as far back as the time of Adam more than 6,000 years ago or any time ahead looking 1000 years into the future.


I found out about the appearance of this prophetic sign on social media with a YouTube video created by James Muerke. His video has been making the rounds much like the planets & constellations in their own heavenly circuits. Muerke, as well as other YouTubers speaking on the event come from a perspective of prophet-like interpretations that veer dangerously close to specific date setting w/other wildly extra-biblical claims. There are other points made in the video that many of these people seem to share: Planet-X type interpretation of events that will occur during & immediately following the sign, & mixing truth w/non-biblical events all derived from personal interpretations of end-time scriptures.I do not share these presumptions.

This is territory for which I am not willing to tread. I’m not saying I rule it out completely, at least the portions that line up w/scripture. But, there is a reason that we are not supposed to set specific dates & times to events. We simply are not given all the data to do so & there is good reason. We aren’t allowed to know everything. Anyone making ultra-specific claims will more than likely be found in error. Scripture clearly states that any prophet who makes a claim & is shown in error is false. Not just false in that particular claim, but completely false. A false prophet will always be a false prophet & the marker for discerning that is any error in their claim, period. We are clearly instructed to discard any & all of their claims from that point forward.


Muerke clearly reveals The Great Sign using the Stellarium program, but force-fits his interpretation into several of his own ideas. For example, Muerke claims that during the prophetic sign on September 23, 2017, the sky will go dark for 3 hours as the sun will be eclipsed by a heavenly body that is not the moon. It cannot be the moon bc the moon is stationed at the feet of the virgin (constellation Virgo) which can be clearly seen w/the program & depicted w/the verse in Revelation 12. If it isn’t the moon, then what is it? According to Muerke, its an unknown planet that will suddenly enter our solar system on that day & block out the sun for 3 hours over Jerusalem.

Um… I don’t know of any scripture that warns us of this portion of the sign. It’s not mentioned in Revelation 12 or anywhere else in the book, & considering that it would be an important part of the prophecy, I certainly cannot understand why it would be excluded. According to Muerke, this planet is so massive w/debris rings of sulfur & ice much like Saturn’s rings only much larger, that it will completely darken the sun & cause a cataclysmic meteor storm that will wipe out 1/3 of all mankind. Additionally, this is to occur w/in 1 hour of The Great Sign’s appearance on that day, which is prior to the rapture & something we all must prepare for in advance. Somebody please provide scripture support for this bc I can’t find any.


In order for that to happen, this planet will have to suddenly appear w/out any evidence of its approach & be of a size that will fit between the sun & Earth, including its massive debris rings, darken the sun for 3 hours over Jerusalem only, & continue on it’s path like nothing ever happened. Highly unlikely to occur w/out some visibility in the sky, instrumentation that recognizes its approach & secular news sources making the public aware. Leaning on the premise that there is some grand conspiracy to cover up this massive planet, which would probably be visible by now w/the naked eye is beyond what I am willing to accept as truth.


Of course, God can do anything w/the planets & He is certainly able to make anything appear in the sky to further His purpose. But, to not include something this catastrophic in the warning is just not God’s style. And, there are scriptures that mention Wormwood for which the Planet-X fans seem to apply the same definition. There is nothing in scripture from OT through Revelation that suggests that Wormwood means a literal “star” wandering or otherwise. 


Rather, it suggests Satan & demons, & sometimes kings of the earth that were governed by Satan. Even in Revelation 12, the 1/3 of the stars brought down to earth w/the great red dragon’s tail represented 1/3 of the fallen angels that were w/Satan during his fall. And, what comes after the fall of a star is a judgment, harsh & quick. The catastrophic events that start wiping out segments of the population do not come prior to The Great Tribulation or even at its start. It begins at the midway point & crescendos at the end of that 7 year period.


We can interpret from the scriptures in Revelation that there are parallels between the plagues brought upon Egypt & the Pharaoh prior to the Exodus & the events that take place at the end. However, Muerke seems to mingle together events from the Great Tribulation & the wrath. According to his interpretation, events of the wrath take place “w/in hours” of The Great Sign & that “very soon we are going to experience this incredibly intense journey.” Really? Bc that would mean cutting giant portions of scripture right out of the book.I’m just going to put it right out there as intently as I can: I am a mid- to post-tribulation rapture believer. I believe that the saints will not be raptured prior to The Great Tribulation & that we will not only be expected to endure to the end, but that many believers will die during those 7 years. Pre-tribbers will never wrap their head & heart around the idea that we might be expected to go to our death in our faith. For them, that level of commitment is just not required so they don’t even have to consider the idea at all. How convenient.


I find that to be a dire error in the walk of a Christian, 1 that leaves them unable & unprepared to comprehend & endure what may lie ahead in the immediate future. Yes, we will be protected & guarded by God during this time, but that doesn’t mean we will be saved from death. As delicious as a pre-tribulation rapture tastes & as much as we all want it to be, there is a major possibility that it will not happen that way. Prepare yourselves.


Bottom line is Muerke is leading people to believe that immediately following The Great Sign on September 23, 2017, w/in 1 hour, we move right into the wrath at the end of The Great Tribulation. He claims that a massive planet will enter our solar system, move in between Earth & the sun eclipsing it for 3 hours & its debris rings will kill 1/3 of mankind all before the sun goes down over the horizon that evening. There is nothing in scripture that states this, certainly not before so many other prophetic events are to take place like the rise of the Antichrist, taking the mark of the beast & other pivotal Great Tribulation events. Muerke doesn’t mention these things at all. Muerke claims that these events which take place on that day will be so extreme that they cause deep emotional effects shaking all mankind to the core.

Alarmist much? Am I the only one paying attention here? This reeks of hellfire & brimstone fear-mongering fundamentalism, a doctrine that I abhor. Terrorize people into a relationship w/God? I don’t think so.


Muerke goes on to use phrases like The Great Sign will be a herald of “great terror”, that the debris rings cause the “Firestorm of the Great Empire,” bringing the “Day of Death of Babylon the Great” which is the “proud city of Sodom” the “unrepentant Empire.” He also claims that Jerusalem will be safe from the Firestorm of the Great Empire bc of Earth’s rotation, but that unmitigated disaster falls upon the western world. Uh… I don’t think so.

There is no mention of “Firestorm of the Great Empire” in the bible, but I think I heard that in a video game recently.


There certainly is no scripture reference to unmitigated disaster specifically upon the western world. 1 has to realize that the entire book of Revelation is about events that have culminated from the beginning in the time of Adam up until the day of the end before Christ’s return. It’s 1 massive recap w/parallels that tie together the beginning & the end, the time of Adam & Moses to the time of Christ’s return. Muerke is fantastically coining alarmist phrases, mixing past events w/future 1s & even adding some new Sci-fi features that he invented for this very occasion that are insidiously designed to instill their own brand of terror w/in the saints.


The problem is, God never states that the saints will be terrorized by end-time events. The terror will be felt by unbelievers & only unbelievers. In fact, the bible clearly states that God’s people will not be lost even though it will be an extremely difficult time, which may include being unable to use money to buy food or shelter & possibly being martyred for the faith. Even in all of that, the saints will be at peace bc they are prepared & readied for what’s ahead. These are aspects of the faith that pre-tribbers will not be equipped to handle.


And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. – Revelation 12:11


Listen, I’m no end-time expert, but I am indwelt w/the Holy Spirit & there is so much wrong w/Muerke’s interpretation that literally 2/3rds of what he states in his presentation is going straight into the wastebasket. This doesn’t lessen the importance of this incredible prophetic sign which will indeed take place on September 23, 2017. And, it certainly does not represent a time of rest & relaxation.


If you haven’t reconciled yourself to the reality of your Savior, Christ Jesus & His imminent return, you need to do so now bc time is short. The astronomical event that will take place on September 23, 2017 is pivotal to end-time prophecy, marks something very significant that we need to recognize & revere, & prepare for what will come on its heels.


Salt Radio Ministries will not set dates or give specifics to what will follow The Great Sign on September 23, 2017. We simply do not know & neither do you. All we know is that it marks the next important event on the messianic timeline & that we need to watch & prepare. Think of it this way: If people could know the exact moment that Christ will return, how would that shape your Christian walk & your day-to-day decisions for your faith?


Let me paint an example to explain this premise in simple terms. Let’s say you are a parent of teenagers & you have to leave for a few days on a business trip. This will be the 1st time the kids will be left home alone w/out supervision. You expect them to follow the rules & maintain good behavior while you are gone, trusting them to do so in your absence.


There is no guarantee that they will not take advantage of this situation to enter into sinful behavior. Do you tell them how long you will be gone or keep it a mystery?

This is a parenting strategy of genius proportion bc the teens will be less likely to orchestrate a full-frontal sin extravaganza if they have no idea how long you will be gone. All they know is that their parents could come home at any moment & will maintain their best behavior until they arrive. As simple as this metaphor is, I think it fits perfectly. We are not allowed to know when Jesus will return. We are only allowed to know in part so we can prepare ourselves for what lies immediately ahead, period.


Clearly, if this is The Great Sign from Revelation 12, it’s a perfect echo of the birth of Christ, but, since it does not announce Christ’s birth, what does it announce? This sign did not appear when Christ was born.


Dispensation timeline:
Perhaps the Revelation 12 sign marks the end of the current dispensation & the “birth” of the next 1. We are currently in the Dispensation of Grace. The next dispensation on the messianic timeline is the The Great Tribulation.How can we know that the Revelation 12 sign is the prophetic marker for the start of The Great Tribulation? The timing of its appearance. The Great Sign is a herald to a significant prophetic event. Timing is crucial. If the sign on September 23, 2017 is indeed The Great Sign, then what follows is the next fulfillment of prophecy on the messianic timeline prior to Christ’s return.


There are 7 actions that take place w/The Great Sign that are significant markers of a prophetic sign: Constellation Virgo, representing the virgin Mary –
(1) Constellation Virgo, representing the virgin Mary.

(2) The virgin is “clothed in the sun” – the sun representing God’s glory & protection.
(3) The crescent moon is at her feet representing the Feast of Trumpets (which falls 1 day prior to this great sign).

(4) The virgin wears a crown of 12 stars representing the high throne of the nation of Israel (constellation Leo w/3 planets placed w/in its formation).
(5) Jupiter, the king planet representing the Messiah, spends 9 months in the “belly” of the virgin & is “born”.

(6) A comet, carrying the Rosetta probe, (which was also seen on the last of 4 blood moons of the blood moon tetrad) will be visible opposite the crescent moon at the feet of the virgin. This speaks to the relationship between Israel & Islamic caliphate.

(7) The whole event falls on the weekly 7th day sabbath & the fall equinox.

Of course, Muerke’s list is different & includes his Planet X interpretation. It is reasonable to assume that the next event on the messianic timeline, especially on the heels of such an incredible prophetic astronomical sign, could be the next dispensation: The Great Tribulation. Of course, it could also mean something significant in relation to the nation of Israel, too. We don’t know. And, we wont know until it comes to pass.

Once the Great Tribulation begins, the clock starts ticking in double time & w/out being utterly & completely prepared for what will take place during the next 7 years, you will not be able to endure.


The sign in Revelation 12 reminds us that the woman, (the body of Christ) is given “2 wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time (1,260 days or 3.5 yrs) from the face of the serpent.”


Revelation, chapter 12 recaps the entire scenario bc at The Great Tribulation the process repeats between the dragon (Satan) & 1/3 of the stars (demons who fell w/Satan) & the woman (the Church). While there will be a place of protection for the saints (whether physical or spiritual, maybe both) during the 1st half of the tribulation period, not every Christian will survive. There will be war, persecution & martyrdom. Jesus will gather us all, no matter what happens.


For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. – Matthew 24:21-22


Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth. – Revelation 3:10


This video placed at the top of this article is a mid- to post-tribulation rapture perspective on the Great Sign of Revelation 12 & its possible meaning & implications for both believers & non-believers. This video may not appeal to the Planet Xers, the Pre-Tribbers, or the extra-biblical gloom & doom catastrophe fear mongerers, but I strongly suggest it anyway.

In these last days, there simply is no room left for lukewarm faith.


My goal is to prepare believers for Christ’s return, not create discord regarding the Rapture or other non-salvation related issues. We will all rejoice the moment the Lord returns, whenever that happens. And w/that, we can all agree & say AMEN!


View full article at:–to-Post-Tribulation-Rapture-Perspective



Erlöst durch das Blut des Lammes



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Ein symbolisches Bild z.Zt. des "Supermondes": Es sieht so aus, als ob Jesus am Kreuz auf die Zeichen an den Gestirnen hinweisen wollte.
Eine Mondfinsternis = "Blutmond"
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1.Mose 3,15:

"Und ich will Feindschaft setzen  zwischen dir und der  Frau und  zwischen deinem Samen und ihrem Samen; er  wird dir den Kopf zertreten, und du wirst ihn in die Ferse stechen."

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Wir haben keinen Grund zur Angst, Furcht, Panik, denn Jesus hat die dämonischen Mächte bereits besiegt und der Schlange den Kopf zertreten. Aber wir sollen wachsam sein, beten und auch unseren Verstand gebrauchen, sonst kann Gott uns nicht helfen.


Er wird dir den Kopf zertreten


Der Fuß auf dem Kopf der Schlange

Satan weiß, dass er nur noch kurze Zeit hat, Menschen zu verführen, der Kopf der Schlange ist zertreten, aber er versucht doch noch großen Schaden anzurichten, wenn wir uns nicht unter den Schutz des Kreuzes Jesu Christi stellen.

Bildergebnis für snake with head cut off gif imagesDer abgehackte Kopf einer Klapper-schlange,

der immer noch giftig zubeißen kann, also Vorsicht!

Der Autor sieht dies als ein gutes Bild für den bereits  besieg-ten Satan.


Der Polsprung


RFID-  Chip


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Zeichen an Sonne, Mond und Sternen


Jesus sagt in Matth. 16,2:


"Er aber antwortete und sprach zu ihnen: Wenn es Abend geworden ist, so saget ihr: Heiteres Wetter, denn der Himmel ist feuerrot; und frühmorgens:


Heute stürmisches Wetter, denn der Himmel ist feuerrot und trübe; das Angesicht des Himmels wisset ihr zwar zu beurteilen, aber die Zeichen der Zeiten könnt ihr nicht beurteilen.".


Lukas 21,25: »An Sonne, Mond und Sternen werden Zeichen zu sehen sein..."



Mondfinsternis = Blutmond, s. Joel 3,4 - 5: "Die Sonne wird sich in Finsternis verwandeln und der Mond in Blut, ehe der Tag des HERRN kommt, der große und furchtbare. Und es wird geschehen: Jeder, der den Namen des HERRN anruft, wird gerettet werden."


Wir erleben z.Zt. eine Tetrade = 4 aufeinanderfolgende Mondfinsternisse = Blutmonde, 


Daten von der NASA veröffentlicht, jeweils genau zu hohen jüdischen Festtagen, s. auch jüd. Kalender Teil 4:


5. Nissan 5774 (Pessach)

15. April 2014 (Pessach)
15.Tischri 5775 (Sukkot)

9. Oktober

2014 (Laubhüttenfest)
15. Nissan 5775 (Pessach) 

4. April 2015 
15. Tischri 5776 (Sukkot) 

28. September 2015



20. 3. 2015


Ein sehr seltenes Ereignis: Solche Tetraden fielen bisher mit bedeutenden Ereignissen in Israel zusammen. 


a. 1493 - 1494 (Tetrade) zu der Zeit der spanischen Inquisition (Ermordung vieler Juden, im gew. Sinn Krieg gegen die Juden). 

1949 - 1950 (Tetrade) war es im Zusammenhang mit dem neugegründeten Staat Israel und dem anschließenden israelischenUnabhängigkeits


c. Und 1967 - 1968  (Tetrade) war es mit der jüdischen Eroberung von Jerusalem und dem "6-Tages-Krieg" verbunden.



d. Die erste Mondfinsternis der jetzigen Tetrade 2014/15 fand am 15. April 2014 genau zum Passah-Fest statt, s. obiges Video der NASA.


Die zweite folgt am 09. Oktober 2014 genau zum Beginn des Laubhüttenfestes = Sukkot. 2015 an den gleichen Festtagen, s.o.


Auch jetzt erschüttern kriegerische Ereignisse Israel: Raketenbeschuss durch die Hamas, Gaza-Krieg, Gefahr einer beginnenden neuen Intifada, evtl. noch weitere Kriege, wie in Ps. 83 beschrieben.


Joel 3,3:"

"Und ich werde Wunderzeichen geben am Himmel und auf der Erde: Blut und Feuer und Rauchsäulen. 
Die Sonne wird sich in Finsternis verwandeln und der Mond in Blut, ehe der Tag des HERRN kommt, der große und furchtbare (= "die große 7-jährige Drangsal" unter dem Antichristen.)


Wahrscheinlich findet an einem Rosh Hashanah = Yom Teruah = Tag der Trompeten/Schofars  die Entrückung statt, dieses Jahr am 03.=kt.2016(s. jüd. Kalender Jahr 5777 und Artikel:


"Die Entrückung an den Festtagen des Rosh Hashanah"


An Rosh Hashanah werden 100 Trompeten geblasen, die hundertste wird "Die Letzte" genannt.


Rosh Hashanah heißt auch Tag der Hochzeit des Messias, Tag der offenen Tür (des Himmels) und ist das jüd. Neujahrsfest.


Weitere Namen sind 'Yom Hadin", der Tag des Gerichts, "Yom HaKeseh", der versteckte Tag.



Die 3 zelebrierten Themen von Rosh Hashanah sind:

  1. Widererwachen der Rechtschaffenen
  2. Hochzeit des Königs/Messias
  3. Königsherrschaft des Herrn


Es ist das einzige Fest, bei dem nicht bekannt ist, an welchem "Tag oder welcher Stunde" es beginnt wegen der Neumondbeobachtung.)



"Denn der Herr selbst wird beim Befehlsruf, bei der Stimme eines Erzengels und bei dem Schall der Posaune Gottes herabkommen vom Himmel,
und die Toten in Christus werden zuerst auferstehen; 
danach werden wir, die Lebenden, die übrig bleiben, zugleich mit ihnen entrückt werden in Wolken dem Herrn entgegen."


s. Artikel re.: "Die Entrückung an den Festtagen des Rosh Hashanah", s. auch das Video des messianischen Pastors Mark Biltz zu "Rosh Hashanah =Yom Teruah" = "Tag der Trompeten oder Schofars" (Widderhörner).


Mark Biltz Feast of Trumpets 

Pastor Mark Biltz: Fest der Trompeten, video


Sound Of The Shofar Video

Der Schall des Schofars/Trompete




Yeshua (Jesus) Kadosh, Holy), Jesus heilig



O The Blood - Oh, das Blut Jesu, welches Opfer (Video), inter-national


Oh Herr gieße Ströme  - Albert Frey Video



Entrückung verpasst? TeilVideo




Entrückung verpasst - wie geht es weiter? Teil 2

Jesus richtete sich auf und sprach zu der Frau: Wo sind jene, die dich beim Ehebruch ertappt haben? Hat niemand dich verurteilt? Sie aber sprach: Niemand. Jesus sprach zu ihr: So verurteile ich dich auch nicht; gehe jetzt und sündige nicht mehr.Joh.8,10.
Die Entrückung = rapture ist nahe
Jesus sagt: Ich bin das Licht der Welt; wer mir nachfolgt, wird nicht in der Finsternis wandeln, sondern wird das Licht des Lebens haben. Johannes 8.12. Öffne dein Herz für Jesus, damit er Licht in die Finsternis der Gedanken un Gefühle bringen kann
Massenevakuieungsbus der FEMA
Massentransportzug für FEMA-Camp

Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA (deutsch untertitelt)

Der Feind des Staates: FEMA-Camp



FEMA Konzentrationslager in der USA


Louisiana, Simms, FEMA CAMP EXPOSED NEVER EVER GO HERE  video, s.Google Earth: Simms Louisiana eingeben, dann etwas Nord/West, =li.-oben.


Ana Paula Valadao


Video, Konzert vor 200 000 Zuhörern in Manaus

Ausschnitte aus einem Konzert vom 09.06.2012 in Manaus von der DVD:

Diante Do Trono - Vor dem Thron,  "CREIO" = "Ich glaube" - brasilianisch/portugiesisch mit deutschen Untertiteln


Revelation Song (Canção do Apocalipse) - Ana Nóbrega e Ministros das Nações juntos na Guatemala



Ein Konzentrationslager in Louisiana, erfasst mit Google Earth. Man gebe das Wort "Simms Louisiana" ein, vom Ort Simms etwas in Richtung li. oben. Erkennbar sind die Umzäunung, die Wachtürme ringsherum, die Lagergebäude und re. außen eine Abschuss-Rampe mit ausgehobener Grube für Massener schies-sungen. Neben diesem Lager ein weiterer Komplex, wenn man leicht nach links wandert, offensichtl. Wohn - komplex für Angestellte.


FEMA Konzentrationslager in den USA Video



Obamacare und der RFID-Cip, Englisch. 


OBAMACARE RFID CHIP 2014 Wie der Chip eingespritzt wird

9/11 false flag Aktion from inside = 9/11 war eine Aktion der US-Regierung, um den Aufbau der internationalen Überwachung durch die NSA zu gewährleisten.


Wer so etwas zu behaupten wagt landet sofort auf der Liste der Terroristen oder sonstiger kritischer überwachungswürdiger Individuen. 


Z.Zt. bemüht sich die US-Regierung darum, eigenständige Kontrollen schon beim Ensteigen an deutschen Flughäfen (Bording) vorzunehmen - dürfte aber scheitern, da das Ausland keine hoheitlichen Rechte in der BRD ausüben darf, zumal nach den Spionagefällen.

Militarisierung der US-Polizei = Aufrüstung zum Rassenkrieg
Es gibt nur einen Weg zum Himmel, über Jesus. Bei niemand anderem ist Rettung zu finden; unter dem ganzen Himmel ist uns Menschen kein anderer Name gegeben, durch den wir gerettet werden können, Apostelgeschichte 4,12
Adolf Hitler wurde demokratisch gewählt. Obama ebenfalls, er benutzt die gleichen Strategien wie Hitler, um aus den USA einen diktator. Polizeistaat zu machen, unbemerkt von der Weltöffentlichkeit, s. Militarisierung der Polizei, s. Ermächtigungsgesesetze
Stalin hat etwa 40 Mill. Menschen auf dem Gewissen. Es ist zu befürchten, dass auch Obama durch Christenverfolgung und Vernichtung aller kritischen Bürger in den 800 FEMA-KZ's eine ähnliche Anzahl von Menschen umbringen könnte (60 - 70 Mill. Christen)
Tut Buße!

In Your Arms - Oslo Gospel Choir video

In Deinen Armen

"Durch die Stürme des Lebens, Herr,
leite mich in Dein Licht - gib meinem Herzen ein neues Lied.
Wenn ich schwach bin, mache mich stark.

Leite mich durch Dein Wort auf Auen des Friedens,
halte mich fest und sicher bei Dir in Deinen Armen.
Du bist mein Erlöser, erstaunliche Gnade

Meine Festung und der Ort, wo ich geborgen bin, s. Ps.18.
Du bist mein Erretter, mein Fels,
das Verlangen meiner Seele geht zu Dir.

In der ganzen Schöpfung sind Deine Wege erkennbar,
Du bist der einzig wahre Gott
Du alleine bist Gott, lass jede Zunge bekennen,
dass Du der Herr von allem bist.

Durch die Stürme des Lebens......"


Auch MaoDseDong brachte Millionen von Menschen um.
Obama Jugend Brigade ähnlich wie die Hitlerjugend
Hitler Jugend
Gott Jahwe sagt:. Wenn eure Sünden wie Scharlach sind, wie Schnee sollen sie weiß werden; wenn sie rot sind wie Karmesin, wie Wolle sollen sie werden. Jesaja 1.18

Auf folgendem Video (vom Griffith Observatorium) kann man sich die Mondfinsternis vom 15.04.2014 auf anschauen (auf volle Größe einstellen rechts unten):

Blood moon: Sky gazers mesmerized as red hue lights up night sky Video
Himmelsgucker verzaubert durch das rote Licht am 



"Revelation Song" - Kari Jobe and Gateway Worship (HQ)
Lied der Offenbarung

"Würdig ist das Lamm, das geschlachtet wurde,
Heilig, heilig ist Er. Singt ein neues Lied Ihm,
der auf dem himmlischen Thron der Gnade sitzt!

Würdig ist das Lamm, das geschlachtet wurde,
singt Ihm ein neues Lied.
Heilig, heiig, heilig ist der Herr Gott, der Allmächtige,
der war und ist und der da kommt, s. Offb.4.8.

Gekleidet in der lebendigen Farbe des Regenbogens, Offb. 4,3,
helle Blitze und rollender Donner um Dich herum, Jes.6,3 u. Offb.4,5

Lob und Ehre, Ruhm und Macht Dir, dem einzig weisen König.
Heilig, heilig, heilig ist der Herr, Gott allmächtig,
der da war und ist und, der da kommt (hebr.: asher haya, v’hoveh und v’yavo)

Mit der ganzen Schöpfung singe ich: Preis, Lob und Ehre
sei Dir dem König der Könige! Du bist alles für mich und ich will Dich anbeten...".



Was du tust, ist immer wohlgetan,
mag der Teufel noch so viele Feuer schüren.
Du zeigst uns den Weg, du brichst die Bahn
Du wirst himmelan uns führen

Wenn die Erde auch erbebt,
hohe Wasser Länder überfluten,
wissen wir, dass Jesus lebt.
Er führt alles hin zum Guten!

Wenn die Berge Feuer speien,
Kriegsgeschrei und Kriege überall,
wenn sich Mord und Totschlag aneinanderreihen,
wer Dir folgt, kommt nicht zu Fall.

Wird die Liebe auf der Erde auch erkalten,
ratlos sich die Herrscher und die Weisen zeigen,
angesichts der drohenden Gefahren und Gewalten,
jetzt wir dürfen hoffend uns zum Beten neigen.

Deine Wiederkunft ist nicht mehr weit,
in den Wolken wirst DU uns erscheinen,
uns erlösen aus der Erde Leid.
Dann gibt es nur Freude und nie mehr ein Weinen


Friedrich Legiehn

Nach Rom führen viele Wege. In den Himmel gibt es nur eine Einbahnstraße, über Jesus.
RFID-Chip reiskorngroß. Obamacare wurde nicht aus sozialer Fürsorglichkeit etabliert, sondern um jeden Amerikaner zur Injektion des RFID-Chips zu zwingen
Die Illuminati (die Power Elite) auf dem Weg zur Neuen Weltordnung = NWO = New World Order

 Der NWO – Masterplan


Illuminati Stars - Before And After


Stars vor und nach ihrer Zugehörigkeit zu den Illuminati


Michael Jackson Knew That The Illuminati Was After Him


Michael Jackson wusste, dass die

Illuminati ihn verfolgten




11.Thess. 4,16

"Der Herr selbst wird vom


Himmel herabkommen, ein


lauter Befehl wird ertönen


, und auch die Stimme


eines Engelfürsten und der


Schall der Posaune Gottes


werden zu hören sein. 


Daraufhin werden zuerst


die Menschen auferstehen,


die im Glauben an Christus


gestorben sind. 


Danach werden


ihnen zusammen in den


Wolken emporgehoben,


dem Herrn entgegen, und


dann werden wir alle für


immer bei ihm sein. 

Tröstet euch gegenseitig


mit dieser Gewissheit!







Auf einer Gefährdungsliste für die USA des Pentagon stehen die evangelikalen Christen an erster Stelle, noch vor Al Quaida
Yahwe, Adonai, Elohim, El Shaddai, TseVaoth, Haschem
Tu Buße, denn das Himmelreich ist nahe herbeigekommen. Komm zum Kreuz, an dem Jesus für dich gestorben ist.

"Oh the blood of Jesus...." O das Blut von Jesus..."

Das Blut Jesu wäscht mich rein -
es wurde für mich vergossen! -

der grosse * Ich bin* nahm meine Sünden hinweg und wäscht mich weiß wie SCHNEE."

Hebr. 10,19

"Da wir nun .....Freimütigkeit haben zum Eintritt in das Heiligtum durch das Blut Jesu..... 

Suffering and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Leiden und Auferstehung Jesu Christi

Die Waffenrüstung Gottes (video) - Es herrscht Krieg 

1. Seid stark im Herrn, in Seiner Macht und Stärke,


und mit des Geistes Schwert pariert des Satans List.

Und mit dem Schild des Glaubens geht zu Werke,

nur so ein jeder bis zum Kommen Jesu siegreich ist. 

2. Und können wir es kaum noch fassen,

was in der Welt an Not geschieht,

wir wollen Sein Wort wirken lassen,

nur so der Satan von uns flieht. 


3. Wir haben keine and‘ren Waffen,

zu wehren ab des Satans spitze Pfeile.

Wir können es nicht anders schaffen,

nur dies führt uns zum ew’gen Heile. 


4. Und mit des Glaubens starkem Schild

wir können hier bestehn.

Und kämpft der Teufel noch so wild,

er wird nicht siegen, sondern untergeh’n. 

5. Den Panzer der Gerechtigkeit

zieht an zu eurem Schutze.

Der Sieg ist nicht mehr weit,

macht Euch des Wortes Kraft zu Nutze.


Friedrich Legiehn

Lass dir von Jesus deine Sünden vergeben. Denn das Himmelreich ist nahe
Israel sieht auf der Landkarte aus wie ein Schwert, das in die umgebenden arabischen Nationen hineinschneidet: Offb. 1,16: " und er hatte in seiner rechten Hand sieben Sterne, und aus seinem Munde ging hervor ein scharfes, zweischneidiges Schwert..."
Jesus hat unsere Sünden an seinem eigenen Leib ans Kreuz hinaufgetragen hat, sodass wir jetzt den Sünden gegenüber gestorben sind und für das leben können, was vor Gott richtig ist. Ja, durch seine Wunden seid ihr geheilt- 1.Petrus 2,24
Jesus kommt, um eine wunderschöne, reine und geheiligte Braut, die Gemeinde Jesu zu holen.
Kleiner Hausaltar
Jesus nimmt jeden Menschen an, der sich im Gebet an Ihn wendet.
Modell des dritten Tempels, für dessen Aufbau alles bereit steht.
Kehr um, lass dir deine Sünden von Jesus vergeben, denn das Himmelreich ist nahe herbeigekommen. Wenn wir unsere Sünden bekennen, so ist er treu und gerecht, daß er uns die Sünden vergibt und uns reinigt von aller Ungerechtigkeit. 1. Johannes 1.9

Revelation Song (Canção do Apocalipse) - Liede der Offenbarung international


Ana Nóbrega e Ministros das Nações juntos na Guatemala International

Kehr um zu Jesus! Denn das Himmelreich ist nahe
Der sinkende Petrus
Sprich zu Jesus: Herr Jesus Christus, ich bitte dich um Vergebung meiner Sünden. Komm du als Herr in mein Leben. Ich glaube, dass du als der Sohn Gottes für mich gestorben bist, dass du auferstanden bist und wiederkommen wirst. Ich möchte dir nachfolgen.
Iguacu Wasserfälle
Sonnenuntergang in Südafrika
"Tu Buße"sagt Jesus Christus, denn das Himmelreich ist nahe herbei gekommen.
Wenn du zu Jesus kommst, nimmt er dich in seine Arme.
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